Xafecopy Trojan New Malware Steals Money From User’s Phone

Xafecopy Trojan New Malware Steals Money From User's Phone

Xafecopy Trojan New Malware Steals Money From User’s Phone

Xafecopy Trojan is the new malware detected in India.After ransomware security threats has become an common phenonmenon.In India new malware has been found by Russian cyber security company-Kaspersky said in a report.These malware steals money from the victims mobile phones.


New Malware Steals Money From User’s Phone

A new malware known as Xafecopy Trojan has been found in many users from India sated by The Russian cyber security company-Kaspersky.This malware can steal the money from the users mobile phones.

Kaspersky Lab has discovered a malware for mobile devices focusing the WAP billing payment method,theft of money from the victims mobile without their knowledge-the report says

How Xafecopy Trojan Works?

Xafecopy Trojans are detected in tha apps like BatteryMaster which works fine.When the app runs ,the secret trojan loads a malicious code on the device.

Ater activating the application , Xafecopy malware clicks on webpages with (WAP) Wireless Application Protocol of the billing of a mobile payment method which charges costs directly to the users.After this process the malware will quietly subscribes your phone to a several number of services.This also allows the user to register a debit card or credit card or set a username and password.

This malware has been using bypass technology “captcha” systems in-order to protect users from confirming the action performed by a human.During the captcha system,website displays some set of letters/numbers that to be filled by the users.

As per Kaspersky Lab 37,5% off attacks has been blocked from India. Xafecopy affected 4,800+ users in 47 countries in a month.It also affected Russia, Turkey, and Mexico report says.


It’s best to avoid third party application and users of Google apps download should be scanned locally with the verification of useful applications

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