Most Useful WebSites For New Technology : Part 1

 useful websites

This article comes with most useful websites for new technology like Clever PDF,GIF maker with Google,Class Hook,Re frame your video,A race of discovery.


Most of the users like to have documents in PDF format which user can compress  and send easily.CLEVER PDF offers high quality free online  PDF tools including PDF to office, i-work, other format conversion, merge or split PDF, PDF security  and vice versa.It includes other PDF utilities like compress, combine, split, encrypt, unlock, watermark and rotate.A separate icon is available which helps user to convert into PDF or to some other format.One of the useful websites for PDF conversion.

Want to convert your file into PDF? here you go –

useful websites

GIF MAKER with Google:

GIF MAKER is designed by google.User can change any statistical data into GIF like movie rating, voting process, sales details etc..User has an option to choose GIF color and introduction dialogue.Useful websites for many user.

Want to make GIF?here you go –

useful websites

Class Hook:

Students are now becoming very smart and interested in digital learning, teaching should bring interest to every student.TV shows /movies includes maths, science, language and history. Class Hook have subject related videos/clips like maths, science, language, arts and history.Useful websites for learning subjects with fun.

Want to learn from your favorite TV shows/movies? –

useful websites

Re Frame your video:

Smartphones are playing a major role in today’s era,yeah its TRUE!.Images can re-frame into any screen  but not was designed by  “Responsive Video Technologies”, a Dutch start-up.This website re frame the videos according to your smartphone screen.Basic entry is free,but later user need to pay.

Want to re frame your video?crop it here –

useful websites

A Race of Discovery:

TravelBag have created a website called “A Race of Discovery” in which you can travel via History.It have details of 13 History travelers starting from Christopher Columbus  to Marco polo.Have the route comparison of Historical travelers route  and today’s route. User can compare the route using google map.It is a useful websites to travel with history.

Want to explore your travel?Click here –

useful websites

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