5 Most Useful iOS Apps : That You Must Own It Today

useful iOS apps

This article shows up you the 5 most useful iOS apps that you must own it.iPhone itself an high end smartphone with large collections of apps in Apps store.Usually iPhone comes with default apps which are quite useful to us.Apart form that we are providing the most useful apps that you must have it.When compared to Android apps, iOS apps are far better and genuine.


5 Most Useful iOS Apps : That You Must Own It Today


1Password is one among the useful iOS apps,do have many apps and using  different passwords for each apps?.Now with the help of 1Password you can store the password for each apps.1Passwords also stores the credit card details which is highly secured.The best part is you need to remember only one password or touch id,rest 1Password will take care.

Download 1Password : Click Here


Spotify is for music lovers,usually iPhone has an default music player. Spotify can keep all your song history near by and easy to hear music.The best part of Spotify is you need not pay single buck to stream music online,which is far better than iMusic.

Download Spotify : Click Here

3.Square Cash

Square Cash apps helps you the most in payment’s.Now Siri can make your payment easier with Square Cash.If yo say Pay(name) in Square cash digital personal assistant will open and will ask you the payment confirmation.You can also request payment request using Siri.

Download Square Cash : Click Here


Dropbox the most useful iOS apps.Have lot of files in phone and less memory to store those files?If yes Dropbox helps you with cloud storage.You can store whatever you want  movies, music, photos, PDFs, e-books,etc,the best part is you can share all the files with your friends without accessing your account.

Download Dropbox : Click Here


iMore sticker packs makes your iMessage conversation more colorful.If you love chatting using iMessage it’s highly recommended to use iMore,with iMore you can send your favorite stickers to your loved once and iMore has large number of sticker collections

Download iMore : Click Here

These are the most useful iOS apps that you must own it,hope this article helps you.Drop your comments below.


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