With Ultrasonic Waves 234 Android Apps Can Track You

With Ultrasonic Waves 234 Android Apps Can Track You

Yes with Ultrasonic Waves 234 Android Apps can track you .With microphone stoensibly you can talk to people, while apps also uses  microphone to listen you and what you are doing,Apps uses ultrasound cross-device tracking (uXDT) to track what you are doing and where you are.As per new analysis the usage of (uXDT) has been increased.

With Ultrasonic Waves 234 Android Apps Can Track You

Some companies that use of uXDT and SDKs are Shopkick, Lisnr, and SilverPush,etc these are the top companies using this technique.The Apps will be installed with SDKs by the developers to listen the  Ultrasonic Waves . This will be tracking the human voice and it will be stored on each ID

Android Apps can track you by Ultrasonic Waves was  found in the research done by German Government.and to find how many apps are using uXDT technology.Last year only 54 apps used uXDT and now it’s increased to 234 apps.

Anyway it creates trouble to people,but their tracking technique is actually poor , these apps will ask manual permission to use microphone.Apps using for voice calls needs mic,when you open the app this requires the mic permission to be used and it will be left in the background,and it will be used to track the human voice.

uXDT is spreading in Android apps,In April 2015 they found only 6 apps with uXDT and when they scanned in dec 2015 39 apps where using uXDT and now it’s rapidly increased to 234  sound’s bad right?The apps using uXDT has millions of downloads in Play-store some apps like McDonald’s  and Krispy Kreme.

Researchers find’s these apps are unsafe to people,uXDT is hidden inside the ads in the apps.When the ads run it emits Ultrasonic Waves which will be used by the microphone of mobile , laptops , computers.

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