Top 5 mobile phones in the world 2017 worth buying

top 10 mobile phones in the world 2017

This article says about the Top 5 mobile phones in 2017,As world rounds people are upgrading their smartphone day by day.As their is heavy competition among  top smartphone brands and now a days their is large number of increase in smartphones brands.

Top 5 mobile phones in the world

1.Samsung Galaxy S8

The curved edge Samsung Galaxy S8 with face scanning features has been rated as the best Smartphone in 2017.The display quality and Sound  are beyond the expectation.The camera in S8 beats iPhone and it’s rated as best smartphone camera. Octa-core Exynos 8895 processor makes lighting speed in performance,battery life is too good

Final Word Samsung Galaxy S8 is Superb

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2.OnePlus 3T

Pure android Oneplus 3T is rated as second in Top 5 mobile phones in  2017,Performance of oneplus 3T was the reason behind the best smartphone award.Finishing of this mobile touches.AMOLED and camera are the highlights of OnePlus 3T.No more thinking just buy it

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3.Google Pixel

top 5 mobile phones in the world 2017

Point and Shoot smash Google Pixel is rated as Third in best Smartphones.Image Quality of Google Pixel is just amazing.Comes with Google assistant.Pixel screen is Pin Point Sharp.Battery stands long time even while playing games.Good stamina battery

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4.Apple iPhone 7 Plus

top 5 mobile phones in the world 2017

Hunting iPhone 7 plus camera is rated as Fourth in Top 5 mobile phones,iPhone 7 battery power and performance are awesome when compared to other mobile phones.iPhone 7 plus is best for photography and performance.

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5.HTC 10

top 5 mobile phones in the world 2017

Heavyweight Champion HTC 10 rated as Fivth in Top 5 Mobile Phones in 2017.The battery stamina remains for 2 days.Clutter-free UI are the highlights in HTC 10 ,it’s blessed with Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM.Camera is best in Lowlight.

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