How To Start A Best Blog And Earn Money : Beginners Guide

How To Start A Best Blog And Earn Money

Blogging is an art,if you want to start a best blog and work at home to earn money, make sure you have complete interest in blogging.Before starting any blog make sure you have the right tools and resources and also a “Good Guide”.Don’t just start your blog for earning money,make your blog best first you can earn lot.Love Blogging.If you are a beginner read top 5 free best blog sites.


How To Start A Best Blog And Earn Money

As we know day by day bloggers are increasing,that sounds great!but all the bloggers can’t provide the quality blog or best blog and there are also some bloggers who copies others content and paste it on their blog and make their credits,is that the true blogging?As now Google can find the duplicate content and penalize the blog.

“Be a Good Blogger & Don’t Copy Others Content”  Let’s start

Domain Name

Before creating a best blog ,make sure you have a clear idea on which domain to start the blog.Domain name place an important rule in blogging.Your domain name should be relevant to the content that you going to post on your blog.For example “techcrunch” is your domain name you should create blogs related to tech.

You can also create free blog using



After selecting the domain,it’s time to look for the good hosting services,there are lot of hosting services available around the web but choose the one which provide good services.Read my article about “best cheap web hosting services” which may help you.Good hosting is very important for the bloggers,some basic hosting problems are “database error”,”server error”,”Page loads too slow”,etc.So select good hosting providers for best blog.

Selecting the domain and hosting service are the first step towards blogging,and below mentioned steps are important follow these steps

Blog Design

After successfully registered the domain ,it’s time to design the blog.If are using WordPress are Blogger they are providing thousands of free themes which you can use,select the theme which matches your domain.Blog design should attract the viewers.Best blog design for best blog.

Start Blogging

After selecting the theme,you start writing your content.Select the topic on you which  are interested ,referral other websites and markdown the important points and create the unique content,and also don’t use any copyright images in your content,if found Google will penalize your blog.
How To Start A Best Blog And Earn Money

Some tips to be followed by blogger

  • Keep a separate room  
  • Good environment
  • Fresh mind
  • Hear Music
  • Traveling and Blogging

Once you done with your content,check twice your content and if ok,the last step is to publish the your blog on the web,once you publish your content you need people to read your content right?.Yes your blog should be displayed on Google search engine.


With the help of SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)you can make your blog to appear on Google,So we have to optimize the website.Read my article “How to increase website traffic“this will help you to get thousands to viewers to your content.

This is all about creating a best blog,now we are into how to “Earn Money With Blog

Earn Money With Blog

Once your blog reaches 15 post you can apply for “Google Adsense“.Read my article “WHAT IS GOOGLE ADSENSE AND HOW TO GET ADSENSE ACCOUNT VERIFIED“this article provides step by step instruction to get Google Adsense  account.Once your Google Adsence account is verified you can start earning money.Sounds good?.

Hope this article helps you to create a best blog and earn money,drop your comments below


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