iPhone 7 Explodes In Man’s Hand leads to heavy bleeding

iPhone 7 Explodes In Man's Hand leads to heavy bleeding

As iPhone 8 rumors are spreading around the web,now iPhone 7 Explodes and causes heavy bleeding.The affected man was around 42 years old and explosion taken place while try to attend the phone call.

 iPhone 7 Explodes In Man’s Hand leads to heavy bleeding

Last year Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had same problems into factory battery anode and cathode cell contact,which leads to overheat and catches fire on battery.As now the same problem seen in iPhone 7 Explodes

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What Really Happened?

42 year old man Lee Hayes who bought iPhone 7 just three days ago and it’s brand new.Before explosion the phone was in the kitchen,he hears the phone ringing sound and he went to kitchen and touched the screen to answer the phone,it exploded.Sound’s bad right?

And after explosion tiny glasses was sticking on his skin and his girlfriend tried to remove the glass from his skin which took whole day to remove.

What he quoted is “It was a nasty injury – my [right] hand was bleeding quite heavily – but it could have been so much worse. I could have lost my hand.”

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iPhone 7 Explodes In Man's Hand leads to heavy bleeding

Lee Hayes lives in  Southport, Merseyside.After the explosion he went for replacing the phone,he got the replacement  after complaining about the iPhone 7 explosion. Lee Hayes expected compensation for the damage parts,but they ignored him.So he decided to take the next step about legal action against  iPhone 7 Explodes.

Apple ignored to make statement about iPhone 7 Explodes,Apple may do some internal investigation as they did in the case of Brianna Olivas who recorded video of her burning iPhone 7.Hope Apple will take legal action against Lee Hayes.

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