Google’s New Beta OS Android O Released : Update

After the experiment of Android Nougat Google paving the way for Android O.The last update Nougat was out on 2016.In 2017 we are likely going for an update starting with the letter “O”.Google has an tradition in naming the OS with names.

Android Nougat is gonna finish with several intermediate versions being released.Google is trying to make an end for Nougat by giving way for Android O.Recent message from Google “Nougat update will be available  to all registered devices and Nougat testing has been completed.

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Features of Android O/Android 8

VR Features

VR is expected to get better in 2017,In 2016 Virtual Reality had a place in HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.Microsoft HoloLens was one of the leading tech to VR headsets,VR devices is expected with combined virtual and real life environments.

Smartphone game’s should be up-gradable with VR tech,VR cape-able is not the highlight of Android O but also supports advanced VR capabilities.

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No HeadPhone Jack

Trend of disappearing of HeadPhones was already started in the year 2016 buy the leading high end device Apple,So their will be no headphone jack in this version.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant feature was included in the Google home device,From next update Google Assistant will be available to all devices.

Connected Cars Support

Now a days Automobiles are upgraded with latest technology,Tech Companies are investing lot in autonomous driving.Google’s next update Android 8 / Android  will play a important role in automobiles.Some projects like self driving are currently in testing state.Let’s wait for the update from Google,hope Android 8 will be best.

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