Best Internet Browsers Of All Time : Install It Today

Best Internet Browsers

This article comes with best internet browsers, Web browser is the most important tool that you have installed in your PC.Today we are showing  7 best internet browsers in 2017 that you must try it.


Best Internet Browsers 2017

1.Opera Neon

Opera Neon has no tabs but only set of icons will be there,you can directly search from the browser environment. Opera neon is available only for desktop version and start page that uses your desktop wallpaper as its background. Sidebar with its own video player, image gallery and download manager.A vertical, visual tab bar on the right side of the browser window that makes it easier to distinguish between tabs.Opera Neon being the best internet browsers till date.


Former CEO and co-founder of Opera Software Jon von Tetzchn created Vivaldi with very exciting features to adapt the latest technology.Vivaldi has an interesting features to be integrated with the system Philips Hue smart lights,Vivaldi was the first browser to support this exciting features.


MxNitro is called as Maxthon which is one of the fastest internet browsers,Maxthon is a freeware web browser developed by the company Maxthon Ltd., based in Beijing, China. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. Maxthon comes under best internet browsers in 2017.

4.Tor Browser

When it comes privacy Tor Browser stands first,for those who have to surf the web and want to hide your identity you can use Tor browser.It also helps to protect our online privacy though various tools.The best part of Tor browser is it help us hide our identity.


Torch browser comes under the best internet browsers in 2017.Torch browser comes with an integrated player, Media Grabber-which allows you to download videos and audio with a simple click, games, torrent manager and a touch facelift.

6.Google Chrome

Google Chrome being a Google product it is the most used and loved internet browsers today.Chrome web store has lots of extensions which makes easy for the users to try the new features.The only reason why it has been placed in the 6th position is it consumes lot of resources.

7.Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful internet browser,if you are looking for all-round performance you can go with Firefox. As like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox also comes under most used internet browsers.It has been placed in the 7th position only because, the browser is quite slow when compared to other browsers.

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